Landscape Light


Photo Transistor is an electronic component operates in Landscape Light to percept the intensity of light.It could be used in the control of Landscape Light reacting with the environmental background.The day arrived at dusk,When Photo Transistor induction to the dark,then open the Landscape Light; by night to dawn,When photosensitive IC induction to dawn, then Automatically shut off Landscape Light;The product has realized automatic adjustment, reduce the energy loss...







1) The shorter lead is the positive.
2) Current is at 1.25uA per lux
3) Vcc is at 12v
4) Current=light intensity x(mA per lux).the output current can be converted to a voltage by connecting it in series with a resistor.
5) The position of installation and reflection of light will affect the ic greatly.
6) This is an analogue device with very linear light response range


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